Central Indiana Connection Events

Raising Funds for Celebrate Recovery (from 2014 Connection Event)

Attributes of an Effective CR Meeting (PowerPoint from 2014 Connection Event)

Attributes of an Effective CR Meeting (Presenter notes from 2014 Connection Event)

Celebrate Recovery DNA Powerpoint (from 2013 Connection Event)

Finding Grant Money For Your Group (from Kevin P.)

In your search engine type in : IN.gov
in their search type in: Local Coordinating Council
click on the send listing that says: ICJI: Local Coordinating Council
   ….. each county has it’s own local coordinating council…………
In the middle section in bottom paragraph click on the highlighted area that says (click here to find your county on the state map)
This will give you a listing of every county in the state. Click on your county and this will give you the contact information.
This website also has several other areas that will give you detailed information about the LCC. Don’t let this overwhelm you. My advice is read through and educate yourself but also make contact with your individual county director and let them lead you through the process. This gives you the opportunity to develop a relationship with them that will be valuable if you choose to proceed.