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Phil C.

I was abandoned by my mother at four months old.  In First Grade, I found out my father wasn’t my biological father.  I buried these things inside of me and if they were brought up, I would just joke about … Continue reading

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2 years ago, I was in a rut, and my life was in shambles before me.  Invited by a friend, I took the step in coming to CR.  Words can’t explain how much mercy and grace and forgiveness I have … Continue reading

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When I started coming to Celebrate Recovery, I was a mess with several addictions and in legal trouble.  I was sick of my life and where it was headed and didn’t know how or if I could change it.  I … Continue reading

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I started coming to Celebrate Recovery over 4 years ago.  I sturggled with relapsing and was drowning in life issues.  I thought that I knew what it was to have a personal relationship with Christ but was unsure of my … Continue reading

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Debbie A.

I’m in recovery for grief, bitterness, anger and depression.   I came to Celebrate Recovery in 2010 after the loss of my mother.  I was mourning her passing and had much bitterness and anger towards her and my siblings due … Continue reading

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John R.

I am in recovery for alcoholism. 30 years of social drinking led to my heavy drinking and alcohol dominated my life.  One day my lovely wife said I either needed to quit drinking or she was leaving.  That was my … Continue reading

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Sherry A.

I am in recovery for divorce, depression, anxiety and codependency I came to CR because I was married to an alcoholic/addict.  I wanted to learn how to better support him and sought healing for my marriage.  I was physically, emotionally and … Continue reading

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Heather J.

I am in recovery for alcoholism, codependency, perfectionism, and bitterness. I have been attending Celebrate Recovery for almost four years.  I was addicted to myself and to alcohol from the time I was 15 until age 26.  I grew up in an … Continue reading

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Rob K.

I am in recovery for co-dependency, feelings of inadequacy, and low self-esteem. Being “just me” never seemed to be good enough.  I spent years trying to overcompensate for my feelings of inadequacy and a lack of self-esteem.  In high school, … Continue reading

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Peggy P

I am in recovery for grief, loneliness, isolation, depression and codependency. I joined CR in June 2009 because I had lost all of my older family members, and my wonderful husband of 38 years to cancer.  I found myself alone, … Continue reading

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