I started coming to Celebrate Recovery over 4 years ago.  I sturggled with relapsing and was drowning in life issues.  I thought that I knew what it was to have a personal relationship with Christ but was unsure of my salvation.  I had so many hurts and habits they couldn’t be counted and was in an on again, off again relationship that was bad for everyone involve, including my two children.  Celebrate Recovery taught me how to work through all those hurts and habits and turn them over to Christ and not rely on drugs or alcohol to bury the pain.  I was able to moveon from my previous relationship and learned to forgive him so that I can free from the pain that it cause me.  I halve also mended my relationship with my father and forgave him.  Celebrate Recovery taught me of God’s grace and mercy and I now know 100% that I will go to heaven one day.  I have made God Lord over my life and continue to learn of Him daily.  I have a great support team and have gained life long friendships through Celebrate Recovery.

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