When I started coming to Celebrate Recovery, I was a mess with several addictions and in legal trouble.  I was sick of my life and where it was headed and didn’t know how or if I could change it.  I really liked what I saw at Celebrate Recovery and hearing all of the stories of changed lives, so I kept coming back.  I wasn’t churched growing up so a lot of what I was hearing at CR was new to me and I was soaking it all in.  I made several new friends and got a great sponsor that supported me through my recovery and helped me learn about a personal relationship with Christ, something I had never had before.  Fast forward to today, almost 4 years later and I am a new man in Christ.  I am so thankful for the life I have today.  I continue to grow everyday in my relationship with Christ and have so many awesome men and women I can call true friends many of which I met at Celebrate Recovery.

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