Heather J.

I am in recovery for alcoholism, codependency, perfectionism, and bitterness.

I have been attending Celebrate Recovery for almost four years.  I was addicted to myself and to alcohol from the time I was 15 until age 26.  I grew up in an alcoholic home with parents who fought nonstop.  My mom got into recovery when I was a teen.  I assumed I would never become an addict, since I was educated on what addiction was and how to overcome it.  I was very wrong. In fact, knowing about recovery only made it easier for me to manipulate my family and hide my addiction.  I got a DUI in 2009 and it really opened my eyes to how sick and lost I was. I fell to my knees asking God to help me.  I promised Him I would live for Him if he helped me out of my mess.  I never sought Him to have a relationship with Him before then.

Celebrate Recovery has taught me to be accountable for myself and my own recovery.  I have made life-long friends.  The relationships I have obtained are far better than the relationships I had with my “so called drinking buddies”.  It is a very warm environment and is still very comforting to attend each week.  I am very blessed to have CR to call a home away from home.

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