I am in recovery for depression, anger, controlling behaviors, perfectionism, plus many other emotional feelings and actions.

I have always had an issue with control, wanting my own way.  As I process through the recovery steps I see now that those traits were there as a young child.  Along with that came lack of self-esteem, feelings of being unloved, especially if I did something wrong, never feeling good enough, and thinking everyone else was better than I was and their lives were perfect.  I see now how those hurts, habits and hang ups contributed to me hurting others, being out of control emotionally, and angry at the world.

Celebrate Recovery has opened my heart, eyes, and mind to see the truth.  The program provides so many tools to help me deal with these issues.  I feel overwhelming joy when I put what I have learned in the program into action.  As I attend group sessions each week and we share our trials and tribulations, a weight is lifted from my shoulders, a feeling a peace flows within me, and most important of all, I truly know God is with me each step of the way.

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