Peggy P

I am in recovery for grief, loneliness, isolation, depression and codependency.

I joined CR in June 2009 because I had lost all of my older family members, and my wonderful husband of 38 years to cancer.  I found myself alone, lost, lonely and depressed.  I had no one to hover over and take care of and spent my days working and feeling sorry for myself and trying to hide it.  I have had numerous alcoholics in my family, including being raised by alcoholic parents and was queen of enablers.  With no one to fix (codependency), take care of or enable, I was isolating myself and felt I had nothing to look forward to anymore.

Celebrate Recovery has taught me that there are thousands of people suffering from everything from a to z.  I found comfort in seeing how Jesus Christ could heal the worst scars and hurts, habits and hang-ups imaginable.  I now look forward to sharing my experiences with others every week so they, too, can know that no matter how bad it seems, there is hope in Jesus Christ.

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