Peggy O

I am in recovery for acting out a multitude of addictive behaviors from hurts, habits and hang-ups.  After years of marital abuse, freedom to me meant to be in control of my world.  That world include freedom from alcoholism, eating disorder, depression, etc.

Through this journey of healing and hope I have learned that when it comes to my co-dependency of others fate—I don’t cause it…I don’t control them and… I don’t cure them!!  I have learned to let go of the low self-worth and love myself as Christ does. I am a unique person that He created.

Celebrate Recovery has become a way of life.  CR has taught me how to process my issues and my joys.  Every week I am accepted and loved into the CR Forever Family.

I know through the sharing of others that I am not alone.  God has also  made it possible for me to share my life with others…thus, giving them hope–the hope that Christ and others brought to me.

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